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The Best Circle Hooks 2019: Dominator Circle Hook Outlaw Series from Reedy’s Rigz  
There’s a hot debate in the fishing community in Australia – what’s better, Circle Hooks or J hooks. 
J hooks have been around for a while but circle hooks are the next big thing. Circle hooks are also called as recurved hooks or long-line hooks, and have completely dominated the angling scene here in Australia since they were introduced a few years ago. 
Circle hooks are called so because of their shape – the hooks are shaped like perfect circles with the hook point running perpendicular to the shank. This is different from a J hook, where the hook point runs parallel to the shank. 
Circle hooks are new to the recreational fishing community in Australia, but they have been used by commercial fishermen for years. These hooks are capable of hooking a fish without any effort from the angler. 
The fish doesn’t struggle against the line once caught by a circle hook and there isn’t the same sort of damage or suffering caused to the fish as with a J hook. So circle hooks allow you to catch and release fish, which is not possible with J hooks.
Responsible fishing is big in Australia these days because of the fears over a fast depleting fishing stock – which is why circle hooks are preferred to J hooks. 
The question is which are the best circle hooks in Australia right now? 
That would be the Dominator Circle Hook from the Outlaw Series from Reedy’s Rigz, an Australian company that specializes in making fishing gear for recreational fishers. 
Dominator Circle Hooks are made for Australian waters and just perfect for catching a wide variety of fish species that are commonly found here, whether it’s the famous Snapper fish, the Yellowfin tuna, Australian Grayling, Eastern Freshwater Cod, Eel-tailed Catfish or the Australian Salmon.
These are circle hooks; which means they are designed to hook the fish without any effort on part of the angler. This is the most effective bait fishing method for catching a wide range of fish species, and make fishing easy even for complete newbies. 
 Why Dominator Circle Hooks from Reedy’s Rigz are the Best Circle Hooks you can buy right now…
 There’s much to like about this line of circle hooks from Reedy’s Rigz.
They are forged from heat-treated Japanese steel, which is the strongest material you’re going to get. They are remarkably strong and stable and unlikely to break down. 
These circle hooks are made with a special coating process, one that makes use of electroplating material imported from Japan. They feature a high precision hook-point design, which is made to perfection. 
These Circle Hooks are of the size 5/0, which is the standard for circle hooks. 
How much do the Dominator Circle Hooks cost?
Not much – you can buy a pack of 25 Dominator Circle Hooks, each of size 5/0 for just [$10]. This is really cheap, especially when you consider the high quality of these hooks. 
Also, these hooks are exclusively sold in local tackle shops in Australia. The manufacturer, Reedy’s Rigs, wants to make sure that the money stays in the country and benefits the local fishing community. 
We should all be supporting local small businesses in Australia instead of shopping online at internet behemoths such as Amazon. 
Just one thing
You should buy a proper fishing rig such as the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz to go with these hooks. Ultra Rigz from Reedy’s Rigz is a high quality pre-tied, paternoster rig that glows in the dark and is made from UV fibre. 
The pairing of Reedy’s Ultra Rigz and the Dominator Circle Hooks could improve your success rate dramatically when you go out fishing. Good luck!